A really successful website begins here

It’s not surprising that for most people, getting your website up onto the first page of the search engine results is your number one priority. After all, if nobody can find your website nobody is going to look at it are they? But don’t forget that when a visitor does arrive at your home page you need to make sure they find your website interesting, stay, look around, and either contact you or place an order immediately. So how do you ensure that happens?

Content is king

It’s worth repeating; content really is king. If you want visitors to your website to enjoy the experience, interact with you and come back for more, then you’d better give them something that encourages them to do so. And that means good content – interesting words and images that attract their attention, stimulate their interest, create a desire for more and encourage them to act immediately, either by contacting you for further information or by placing an order.

Not just good design

Good design is not necessarily good content. In fact, many experienced website designers will ensure that the content is all sorted out before they start on the design. If your designer comes to you with pretty pictures and text in Latin you can be sure they haven’t thought about the content. Which means you’ll pay but visitors won’t necessarily stay. Which is where good copywriting becomes important.

More than words

Far more than simply writing words for your website, a good copywriter can help turn it into an outstanding success. Because although almost anybody can write large volumes of text about something, it takes real skill, experience and dedication to turn it into a powerful sales message using just a few concise, powerful and memorable words. Moreover by bringing a structured approach to presenting your information, good copywriting helps lead visitors through your website in a logical, intuitive manner that makes sense to them.

Making it work for you

With experience of writing for customers in the business-to-business, consumer & retail, commercial, education and governmental sectors, our copywriters are familiar with a wide range of industries, products and services and can create compelling and credible copy that will help transform your website into a virtual extension of your own sales operation.

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