Email Marketing

Email marketing has been around for a long time, but it is only recently that businesses are experiencing a great return on investment. This is due to much better systems in place ensuring that data is from opted in individuals, rather than email addresses scraped using malicious robots or crawlers, which scour the internet seeking out email addresses; this is why we all get so much spam.

Email Marketing

Search Engine Oracle have partnered with one of the UK’s top email marketing company’s to provide our customers with access to over 1.4 million B2C and B2B email addresses.

The lists are broken down into industry type and then further into much more specific trades, so you can be assured that your emails are only being sent to highly relevant, opted in individuals/ companies.

Tracking of your campaign(s) are provided detailing Open rate and click through rate (CTR) to your website.

We can design your emails and even write the copy for you, as we have access to our partners expertise in creating emails which produce excellent conversion rates.

Contact us on 01625 511 222 for prices and more information.

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