AdSense for Mobile Phones?

And you’ll always wonder: does Google ever stop? Apparently not. The AdSense program for mobile phones is the latest Google pearl, but no surprise if we consider the Google phone idea.

The program is still in “alpha” test, but it is happening and from now on you can expect to find in you mobile inbox spam messages such as “monetize your GSM,” “mobile phone AdSense secrets” and so on.

AdSense happens on websites that have a mobile version. It will not just appear into your inbox, but the spam SMS will and you will wonder how and why. Don’t worry; it’s just random software that generates such SMS randomly for all possible number combinations. So when you read news about AdSense for mobile phones think about creating a mobile version of your site and including AdSense ads on it.

Then some new SEOs will arise and they’ll “reveal” mobile AdSense secrets (or probably find a different name for this Google program). But, if this program catches up and it will provide for enough revenue to pay your GSM bills, why should you not join the stream right now and implement AdSense ads into your mobile site right now?

After all it doesn’t cost anything. Besides, mobile versions of a site, being quite simple and more or less SEO ready, will be indexed by the search engines, whether you use mobile platforms to browse the web or not. So don’t wait for the current to become a storm! Join now and harvest before the first snowfall.