Some Google Fun for the Weekend

SEO is a serious business, but we need to take it with a grain of salt every once in a while. Only that this time, I will not talk about SEO. It’s Google that captured my attention.

YouTube is a great resource to learn SEO, but it is also a great place to have fun, interact with people, listen to new music, find new videos and so on.

And talking about new videos, today I stumbled upon the one I post at the end of this entry (a bit of suspense will make watching the film even more rewarding). To be honest, because I discovered the clip while looking for “SEO” I expected something else. Instead of “how to rank in Google” the video treats a different topic: how to search in Google in the year 2020 (a quite optimistic approach… do you think there will still be a Google 13 years from now?).

But the fun part about this video is that… it’s as actual today than it will be tomorrow.

Google is all about ads. It’s making its revenue by bringing to your attention products you might need. And it does this by taking as point of reference your search: the keywords you type in.

In the video, although Google actually gives you answers that seem natural (artificial intelligence), the story revolves around ads too. Google will always try to make you buy something online…

But enough rambling. Watch the video clip and… have fun!