Google Checkout UK

What have I told you the other day? Google is always looking for new territories to conquer. The launch of the voice search in the US is still fresh news, but that Google’s Checkout system was a success in the US is a well-known fact. The next logical step for Google is to “go Global”. This means that Google is going to introduce the Checkout system in other countries, in an attempt to kick off PayPal.

Today Google Checkout has gone live in the UK. That’s certainly good news for the UK users and for the UK-based businesses. If we consider that the Checkout system is live only since June 2006 it is safe to conclude that Google is on the right path and the Checkout system will be successful in the UK. When this happens or probably before (as rumours say), Google will launch Checkout all over Europe.

In an effort to attract more customers, Google offers $ 10 signup bonus, while PayPal offers… nothing. Well, it is true: this is a promotional campaign and the offer will expire on the 15th of May, but the strategy is interesting and it certainly reveals a lot about Google’s marketing tactics. Their system looks better than that offered by PayPal (as you can see in this quick tour), but there is one major difference: PayPal is a money transfer service, while Google Checkout is a shopping service.

With PayPal you don’t really need a reason to send or receive money online. With Google Checkout you need to make a purchase or to sell a product. The advantage for online entrepreneurs is obvious: by accepting Google Checkout on their sites they sell faster and have the warranty of instant payments. Shoppers have a lot to win too: shopping with Google Checkout is fast and secure.

To go back to the opening paragraph: we’ll probably see the Google voice search in the UK pretty soon!


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