Three Things I Don’t Like About Google

Don’t get me wrong, I admire Google, but there are certain things I really dislike. And I’ve decided, for the sake of my readers, to come clean and show some negative aspects in a world almost dominated by all-positive assertions.

  1. The most disturbing thing about Google is that, despite their anti-spam and anti-warez policies, they do display their ads on such sites and on scrapper sites. You already know that the Web is practically flooded with made for AdSense sites that intoxicate the search results with irrelevant answers, make it even more difficult for genuine businesses to rank fairly and making even our jobs, as SEOs, quite challenging.
  2. Google seems to buy everything that moves, especially competitors. I know this is a normal business strategy, but it still bothers me. I encourage competition, I welcome a challenge and I am not trying to buy what I cannot afford to beat. If we’ll all go around buying our competitors, there’ll be no progress. The question “is Google trying to rule over the Web” is no longer just a metaphor: it’s a fact.
  3. Google fails to follow its own guidelines. While they require webmasters not to use black hat techniques, they do use cloaking and other obscure methods to rank their own pages. Where’s the fair play?

Well, despite these three major cons Google still remains the most powerful search engine and I cannot imagine how a competitor will ever be able to match this brand. Because one thing is clear: a better technology (like Powerset’s) might come along, but it’s not so easy to beat the customer fidelity gained by Google over the years.


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