A Short Formula to Get Editorial Links From Google Itself

Google, the very search engine that crushed link brokers and web masters for selling links, decided to reward some of its AdWords customers with editorial links from its official blog and some of the Google mini sites.

On Google’s universal search superstar Awards you’ll see a whole list of customer success stories. Naturally, each story comes with a link to a site that has no other affiliation with Google but being its partner.

Of course, having a link on a google.com mini site is one of the greatest SEO achievements anyone could ever dream for, and you can safely assume that not all Google AdWords partners harvest the benefits of such an affiliation. What does it take to get noticed by Google and get such a juicy link?

Well, you need to be more than just an AdWords client. You need to be a superstar of the complete Google enterprise program. No one really knows the formula and Google is not particularly generous with its explanations. The links are some kind of awards if we are to believe the first paragraph you can find on this page.

But what can you we say when we find contextual links to various sites on the official Google blogs? Graywolf asked the same questions the other day and he pointed out to The Official Google Checkout Blog which features Golfballs.com – one of Google’s merchants. If you browse the entries on the same blog you’ll find other merchant partners rewarded with such links. Imagine the traffic these sites get for simply being affiliated with Google. Of course a simple search for “golf balls” reveals Golfballs.com on the first page (currently the second position) in Google search. Coincidence? Good SEO? Google ranking manually its affiliates? Who knows.

The moral of the story: if you want an SEO link from the very Google, become a merchant, implement some of the Google’s enterprise solutions in curious ways, pump some money in AdWords and pray for the best.


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