Follow the Leader

Google shows you how to survive and most importantly how to succeed in a highly competitive market: the Internet. Google also shows you clearly the most profitable online channels that will leverage your profits. And Google even gives you the tools.

It’s just a matter of time till we see a Google social site, other than the already famous Google groups, something like MyBlogLog or another successful social portal. In the meanwhile, Google aims to seduce the small businesses by offering them a free Google tool: Google Custom Search Business Edition.

To get the tool, small businesses need to sign up for Google’s paid hosting service (yes, sponsored ads are no longer enough to make money). Then the small business owners will be able to implement the custom search to their pages.

Basically, when a client types into the search query box a term, the business owner can control what results are displayed.

This is a pretty good tool if you want your clients to go straight to the pages you want them to read within your site. Let’s say you have a small e-shop of less than 5000 pages and let’s say that the search feature you have now on site is not customisable or it performs poorly and you need to pay too much for it. With Google that changes. You’ll have to pay only $ 100 per year for a tool that powers relevant search on 5000 pages. And you even get to choose whether to include results sponsored by Google or not.


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