Google Hates Duplicates

And they make it pretty clear, although in a very diplomatic manner, on the official Google News Blog today. The entry deals with news and how the Google algorithm used to index news has improved to give credit to the initial publisher and to eliminate the duplicate stories that appear under different titles.

Good idea, we say, clap our hands happy and wonder: will this work for the rest of the sites (you know: blogs, websites that don’t publish news)?

Will the original creator of some web content receive credit for his/ her story? And how?

Google needs time to index some pages, for several reasons, including poor SEO. So if the scrapper is faster than Google and the site of the scrapper has (strangely enough) more authority, wouldn’t it be possible that Google will index the wrong page as “the original source”?

Anyway, this update in the way Google displays the news is more than welcome. From now on we’ll truly find relevance for our queries. And even better: we’ll get news from the real profys, as Google decided to pamper its news partners and give them good spots within its results.

This reminds me of a fun article I read the other day, and I don’t remember the source anymore, but it was something about how only the chosen ones can get a sales lot at the Eiffel Tower. It looks that the Google News becomes a place for the chosen few too.


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