Google News

Google is never boring. It looks like they come up with something new every day. For example: have you visited Google labs recently? Then you should probably do, especially if you “live in your mobile phone”…

Google’s voice search is currently available solely in the US and for US businesses, but the information is worth our attention because it shows the possibilities and probable services that are going to be soon available in other countries if successful in the US. Google’s major interest is in extending its business at all possible levels, so keep an eye on this new feature. You never know when it is going to be made available in the UK.

Still not convinced on how Google is extending at all possible levels? Well, I have more news for you!

If you are a Google fan, but a Mac owner. From now on you are going to be able to use Google Desktop on your Apple PC. Google Desktop makes searching your Mac (for files, photos, emails, etc) as easy as searching the Web. It has plenty other interesting features.

Last, but not least, you can now personalize your Google maps and decide whether your “creations” are going to be public or not.

Well, enough about Google. It’s Easter and Search Engine Oracle Ltd. wishes you a Happy Easter and Happy Passover. We’d like to thank you for being our faithful customers and readers and wish and your families a blessed spring and a prosperous life.


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