Google opens up Adword network

Yesterday Google announced that the Google AdWord content network will from now on also display ads from third party vendors. This news comes after demands from top brand AdWords publishers who work with 3rd parties to control and supervise their online ad campaigns and who wish to integrate their campaigns with Google. At the moment only English ads will be allowed into the network, but Google is working on expanding the available languages.

Looking at it from the bright side, the content of the usual Adwords shall now be more diversified and therefore a blessing for the end user, that’s at least what Google says. Google explains that the display quality of ads will increase by allowing third parties into the AdWord content network. In addition “the ads will be even more engaging for the end user”

Many webmasters might panic about the announced third party ads on their site, as these third party ads may as well not related to the site content. However Google assures that only advertisers who showed long time commitment and respect towards the AdWord program would be allowed into the content network.

The third party ads on your own site can be controlled in the same way as other google adsbefore. With the Ad Review center you can filter specific placement-targeted ads out so that they don’t appear on your site. The Competitive ad filter can be used to filter out contextually-targeted ads from a given advertiser.

Finally you can also optimize your site for third party ads:

  1. Opt into image ads – Currently, third-party ads are only available in image or Flash, so they won’t appear in text-only ad units.
  2. Enable advertisers to target your AdSense channels – Most advertisers who use third-party ads are brand-conscious. They prefer to specify websites where their ads will appear in order to optimize the targeting and effectiveness of their campaigns.
  3. Opt into placement targeting – Placement targeting will allow advertisers to target their ads specifically to your site.


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