The Google Phone

According to many online resources, Google is building up a new mobile phone. According to others, Google is not working on a phone, but on software. Pretty foggy rumours if you ask me.

I tend to believe that the software for a new phone is the best definition of what Google does. I mean: who will benefit from this software if not Google and its business partners (a client is a business partner, an associate is a business partner)? Yet the question is: who is going to produce the phone?

Google is not a hardware manufacturer and I find it hard to believe that they are going to change their ways when their business model (that generates huge incomes from advertising and software applications) is so successful. I am pretty sure we are going to see Google branded cell phones manufactured by… let’s say Samsung.

Right now we already have phones, which could be used for web browsing, but do we all use them this way? No, because the software is not performing good enough to provide for a good user experience.

In my professional opinion, Google is working on software that will transform the mobile phone into a Web Phone that will serve real time results, enable free communication (as it already happens with Skype) and deliver… ads by Google.

To recap the latest Google “bombs” we deal with a company that works on an Astral Search Engine and even tries to build artificial intelligence. So it is clear: the Google phone is not going to be just another piece of hardware.


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