Google Does It AGAIN

Google is amazing. After the DoubleClick affair I was hoping to rest for a while and blog about other things. But right when I thought I was out of Google topics, they give me a Tonic!

To recapitulate: they took DoubleClick right from under Microsoft’s nose and now, because they obviously cannot buy Microsoft itself, they seem to try to compete against anything Microsoft does. Google acquired Tonic Systems.

What does this have to do with Microsoft? A lot. If you didn’t know it by now, Google does offer some “office” tools, including documents and spreadsheets.

The acquisition of Tonic Systems will take the Google docs & spreadsheets one step further, enhancing the online solution with applications very similar to the PowerPoint presentations enabled by Microsoft. The only difference is that, while Microsoft Office (do not confound with Microsoft Office Live) is an offline system, Google’s docs & spreadsheets is happens online. That means you can safely store your data on a secure Google server and access it through your Google account at any time, from any other PC with Internet connection.

Right now the amount of free valuable tools offered by Google for its users is amazing. I have many reasons to believe that, in one or two days, I’ll say again “Google Does It Again”.

For our clients in the UK: don’t forget to enhance your ecommerce sites with the new Google Checkout system. Other important Google updates and additional info are already waiting for you in the Google category.


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