Google Weekend

It happened! Google acquired DoubleClick. Not long ago I told you that all three Yahoo!, Microsoft and Google had an active interest in purchasing this company.

I had no doubts that Google was the one to win. The price was definitely higher than the first estimates: $1.1 billion higher ($2 billion to start with).

DoubleClick is obviously not enough for Google, as we learn from the Gazeta Wyborcza – a Polish newspaper. It looks like the Giant plans to open a new operations center (similar to the one in Dublin, Ireland) in Wroclaw, Poland. Why Poland? To control the Eastern European “searchscape”, especially the AdWords system.

But Google is not all about control. If you read the Washington Post online, you’ll find there an interesting article about an initiative started by the Holocaust Museum and supported by Google. The initiative combines interactive multimedia applications (including Google Earth) to create a memorial for the victims of the Darfur genocide. And this is how Google Earth will make a difference:

Zooming in on red flames brings up a place that has been destroyed; yellow-and-red flames show a village only partially damaged. And accompanying video footage, photographs and eyewitness testimony explain what happened in each case.

On a happier note, Google is still the nr. 1 search engine, according to a recent survey. Were you having any doubts? This means: despite the social media movement the search engines are not being used less. On the contrary. So keep your SEOs alert and never stop optimizing your pages for better SE rankings.


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