Google Rules!

Yes, ladies and gentlemen! Google rules. Google is the World’s most valuable brand according to a market research performed by Millward Brown Optimor.

On page 10 of this pdf report you’ll see that Google is mightier than Microsoft (3) and Yahoo! (42). You could also read the full Millward Brandz report in the Financial Times. Millward analysed the top brands of the world, not only the Internet brands as you might think. General Electric comes in second, right after Google, then Microsoft, Coca Cola, China Mobile and Marlboro.

And to think that last year Google was on the 7th position in this top and Microsoft was the crowned king! Sic transit gloria mundi, Microsoft!

This really makes us wonder: what is going to happen next year? Will Google still be king? What do we learn from this report? That if we want to buy the Google brand, we need to start at $66.4 billion. That investing in Google shares is a profitable business and that although Google does little to promote its brand offline the world still recognizes the search engine giant as a power.

We also learn, in SEO terms, that optimizing for Google will be even more difficult in the future, as there’ll probably be no online entrepreneur without a desire to rank on the top ten positions of the Google’s SERPs. We’ll still assist at Google pro and con debates but as long as Google will remain king, even its enemies will play by the rules.