gPhone Interrogations

What would it look like? Which company will actually help Google launch it on the market? How much would this new wonder of technology cost? Would the new gPhone include what iPhone left out (for example access to fast 3G networks)? And the list of questions could go on.

For each of these questions there are more possible answers. A simple search in Google news for the gPhone will reveal them in a flash.

This is a good marketing strategy from Google. Some argue the success of the future gPhone launch, because Apple itself had some problems with its iPhone (sold through the AT&T network) and wonder whether Google has learned from Apples’s mistakes. But Apple was not (at that time) World’s most famous brand.

The gPhone is expected by all Google fans in the world. Maybe Google doesn’t even need a third party to sell its phones. An online shop will do. Google can make its e-store and sell its phones directly. What Google would probably need is a reliable shipping company, Google branded, to deliver its products to the end user.  

Personally I see all these questions now pointless. The main purpose of the gPhone is to deliver ads to the users, to create a network of mobile ads if you want. The additional features are not so relevant. Google might as well give its phones out for free. No matter what, guess who is actually winning?

I am as curious as everyone to see this phone launched. But I don’t care about the design and I expect the best features ever, for the most affordable price. It’s pretty clear to me that this is no ordinary phone.