Google Introduces Insights For Search

Google keeps on feeding the seo industry with more and better tools to discover what the world is searching for. The latest release is Google Insights for search. This tool seems more powerful than the earlier released Google trends and Adwords keyword tool and offers very comprehensive insights into searches at Google.

Google Insights for search allows you to extensively compare keywords and search queries, broken down by regional interest and presented in a simple graph. For example as a travel agent you could discover that American searchers rather search for Bombay, whereas British rather search for Mumbai, the new name of the same city in India. It doesn’t stop here though, search volumes are shown on a map, differences between sub regions are displayed and related search queries and their volume are conveniently listed at the bottom of the page.

Secondly, Google Insights for Search offers the possibility to compare between geographic locations for a specific keyword. For example, one could discover that search queries for the Tour de France were much more popular in Belgium than Germany during the last 30 days. This could indicate a bigger interest for cycling and the tour de France in Belgium than in Germany. However, digging deeper in the results, Google also reveals that the german regions bordering france, did have significantly more ‘tour de france’ related queries than other regions in Germany.

Finally Google also allows to compare search queries based on a selected time range. Such a comparison could for example point out that queries related to Euro 2008 have skyrocketted during the last 30 days, compared to Euro 2008 queries during the past 6 months. What we also like is that Google indicates peaks and their meaning. In the euro 2008 example Google indicates a huge increase of queries for june, but also indicates that a small peak in euro 2008 queries was caused by the disqualification of England some months earlier.

At first sight this tool offers a goldmine of information for keyword research. Undoubtedly we will talk more about Google Insight for Search when we have fully explored it ourselves and found more practical tips.