Google Abandons Static Quality Scores in Adwords

Google’s Adwords is undergoing some major changes in the coming weeks, that’s what the Google Adwords blog is announcing today. To optimize the placement of search ads, Google is abandoning the ‘static’ quality score of the keyword ads and is replacing it by a dynamic quality score determined in real time when the search for a particular query is conducted.

Before an ad would appear based on its Quality Score as well as some other factors such as landing page and loading time. Now the quality of the ad will be determined in real time based on the searcher’s location and other factors to determine the eligibility of a certain keyword to trigger certain ads. As a result ads will be more adapted to the searcher and fit better to his search query whether local or global.

By introducing a dynamic quality score for ads, the previous ‘minimum bid’ becomes superflous. Instead Google introduces ‘first page bids’, to indicate which bid will result in an ad on the first page. The first page bid is determined by the Quality Score, the competiton on the keyword and the exact match of the keyword. The first bid will be a better metric for advertisers to plan their ppc campaigns and get a better idea on costs and coverage of ads.

As Google will calculate a per query quality score, keywords will no longer be ‘inactive for search’. Every keyword has the chance to trigger an ad. However, keywords that were previously marked as ‘inactive for search’ are still unlikely to show up as most probably their per query Quality Score and bid is too low anyway. Google keep^s the quality up.

The changes are currently only available to a very small number of advertisers. After a first evaluation round with these advertisers, Google plans to launch the per query quality score for the general public.