Google it! And these are the results you get. No fuss about it. It feels like no one speaks about Orkut, but there are already entries in the Wikipedia about it and the Orkut about page has a PR 8/10. Orkut, a social site in affiliation with Google, is Google’s try to go social. But when you read the users’ testimonials, this site feels more like an online dating site than a serious Web 2.0 platform where business and the new media interfere.

If I were to review the design of the site, I’d say that… I have never seen such a poor interface – but I don’t want to comment more upon it as the user interface can only be seen after becoming an Orkut user, and I have no intentions in applying for an account.

According to the Wikipedia, Orkut is the eighth most visited site throughout the world. I really wonder where these people get their stats. Probably at Alexa, the very same site that ranked YouTube above Google.

Anyway, although all points to an Orkut popularity, I have reasons to tell you that this is NOT Google’s social power player. The giant works on something else, something that will have Google all over it. No: not the “social media” of the Google groups, but something bigger and bolder. What? Hard to say. We already have everything we can think off. Can Google kill a digg or a MySpace? Can Google come up with something better than MyBlogLog?