How The Pieces of The Pie Are Divided In Searchland

Some exciting news from SearchEngineLand today, as some new figures came out about how the pieces of the pie have recently been divided between the search engine giants. It looks like Google has been taking over even more across the whole line. Generally speaking Google’s increase is at the expense of both Yahoo and Microsoft, but then which searches are counted?

Google’s search share increased and at the same time the volume of searches increase with it. This because, as you might know, an increase in search share doesn’t necessarely mean an increase in search volume. Sadly enough for Yahoo and Microsoft, it is the case here. Google Rules, apparantly. Yahoo shows an continous decrease in search queries for the past months.

Microsoft on the other hand seems to have made a good move with their Live Club Search, but then again are these real searches? The Live Club promises prices to its searchers and therefor it looks like a money game rather than a sustainable gain. With Live Search in full lauch though, we haven’t seen the last of Microsofts search investments.

An issue raised about Google’s increase of search share are the recently embedded search engines on Google search. For some searches Google integrates search boxes of respective pages (Discovery Channel for example) within its search results. These embedded search engines would naturally attract some search traffic that previously would not have been passing by the Google site first. A similar issue is Microsoft’s new 404 error page program, that would genrate Live Search urls when surfers land on an error page.

Despite the issues, I believe we can all agree Google is still ruling in search land, whether you like it or not.