Stay Out of Trouble

Don’t buy domains with “google” in their names, or you might end up facing a lawsuit! You don’t need to trick your visitors into clicking on a link that has nothing to do with Google. In plain language: don’t follow Marcel van der Werf’s example and book domains like!

Google is an online power to be feared and its trademarks are protected by international copyright laws. In a lawsuit you stand no chance if you are guilty of employing unethical artifices for your own benefit.

Van der Werf is not the only webtrepreneur using such subterfuges to increase traffic to his sites and tempt web visitors to join. Some bloggers, although unaffiliated with Google still use its trademark in their domain names and it’s just a matter of time till the Search Giant will react and take measures against such practices.

When I say stay out of trouble I do not refer solely to domain names. I mean: don’t use Google’s brand for profit either. There’s one thing to write about Google in a blog entry (as I do now) and post its logo to emphasize an idea or simply for aesthetic reasons and a completely other thing to insinuate that you have something to do with the Google brand. Google is working hard to promote and protect its brand. Think about it: you wouldn’t like other webtrepreneurs to infringe your brand either! So “do to others what you would have them do to you.”