Time for Google News

Google has put up together a massive cable network to provide one of the most extensive, cutting-edge levels of telecommunications around the world.

The Web is no longer enough for the search engine giant. As a matter of fact we cannot even call Google a search engine any longer, for Google is much more than that. It’s a giant corporation with services varying from online paid marketing to free use of new media channels, tools to enhance web experience, free virtual interactive maps, multimedia tools and so on.

The newest addition to the Google service package is the mobile phone. Google doesn’t really reveal its global domination plans (I know, these are “big words”, but take my word for it: it is happening), but if you read the news carefully you’ll see the pieces of the puzzle coming together. Financial Post has an elucidatory article on this issue:

Forget iPhone, BlackBerry, Bell and Telus. Google is preparing to be the next giant of telecommunications.

On another note, we learn from PC World that Google has launched a Linux version for its desktop search. That’s probably good news for Google/ Linux fans. Information about the new tool, features, a getting started guide, free download and even a link to a support blog you can find here.

Last, but not least, if you are a Gmail user, you’ll be happy to learn that Google has added PowerPoint viewer to Gmail and it also released a new and improved version of its Docs & Spreadsheets.