Vanessa Fox Leaving Google

For you, as a client of an SEO company, the news is more or less irrelevant, but for the SEO industry and for all the Google fans out there, seeing Vanessa leave is not the happiest news.

This is a good career move for one of the best professionals in Google’s team. Vanessa leaves Google for Zillow (a real estate search engine) and that is not good news for the big G.

Yet there are no hard feelings and Google fans even name Google’s June update “Buffy” to honour Vanessa (Vanessa being a convinced Buffy fan). Vanessa leaving Google is not good news for SEOs and webmasters either.

She used to be one of the most important links between them and Google, probably more important than the controversial Matt Cutts. So who will replace this incredible professional? Let’s wait and see, shall we?

One thing is sure: with Vanessa in its team, Zillow is on the right path to success.

Yes, you’ve got that right. There is a Google update going on and this means we are going to see some changes in rankings, backlinks and PR. As Google runs its updates every three months, if there are no changes now, you should continue your SEO efforts to gather the fruits with the next update.

As a matter of fact you should never stop improving your site, getting new, relevant links and promoting your business. So if you need help with your SEO efforts and linking campaigns, give us a call.