A Better Wikipedia

Today’s topic is somehow related to the one I blogged about yesterday. If you read it, you’ll learn that many SEOs in UK recommend to their clients to optimise their Web pages for the International market by using American spelling, because the Web is somehow Americanised.

Search Engine Oracle doesn’t recommend American spelling on British websites. There are other ways to drive traffic to your website and they do not include a poor quality page copy. To prove my point I give you today some “good news”: BBC announced that the students at the University of East Anglia are going to edit eight articles in the Wikipedia as part of their degree course.

People are generally sceptic about the quality of the actual Wikipedia entries. The students will take a close look at the entries assigned to them, then edit them after careful research to ensure quality of information. They are probably going to use British spelling for their pieces, but in this particular situation, whether the new articles are going to be written in American English or British English is irrelevant. Wikipedia is an international encyclopaedia and an open source. What really matters is the accuracy and the complexity of the information.

Let’s just hope that other universities will give their students similar assignments. This will lead eventually to a better Wikipedia (a trustworthy online resource) and encourage webmasters around the world to provide quality information on their web pages too. This is the main ingredient needed for a successful website.


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