New Ad Network for Local Search

Today, Marchex, a company specialised in local search, launched it’s new pay per click advertisement channel ‘AdHere’. Except for it’s own network the new ad network will also include some major third party publishers. With the expansion Marchex is trying to increase its dominance in local search marketing.

“Many of our clients are increasingly looking to build their brand awareness on a national level while leveraging that brand to drive transactions at the local level,” said Michael Lee, Director, Strategic Partnerships, DoubleClick Performics. “The ability to target premium publisher Web sites as well as vertical and local search sites in one source enables us to deliver additional quality traffic, at volume, to our clients in a very cost-effective manner.”

The Marchex AdHere network is both for national and local advertising and gives publishers the chance to buy and plan their online advertising just like they purchase publishing space from offline advertising channels, namely national, spot and local, in a one stop shop.

Marchex’s own Open list would focus on the local markets whereas the national market can be targeted through partnerships with major vertical publishers. After all, not only local brands may be interested in advertising locally. Many of the big brands need to focus on particular opportunities in local areas these days, but still relying on the national brand image and awareness.

“Local advertising isn’t just for small businesses,” said Pete Christothoulou, Marchex Chief Strategy Officer. “National advertisers are responsible for more than two-thirds of the $100 billion in local ad spending.

Certainly AdHere will add even more value to Marchex’s expertise in local online marketing. With over 65,000 local and national advertisers already using the Marchex channels to advertise online and the 30 million people visitng the Openlist every year, you will hear more about them in the future.