A Look at bla.st

bla.st is a modern successful Web 2.0 directory, featured in highlights by some of the most reliable specialty blogs, including profy.com.

bla.st is a great advertising channel for any business, in almost any niche, but particularly interesting for business bloggers and for web development companies. If you take a look at the tag categories listed in the left menu bar, you will notice that all of them are “Web 2.0”: websites, blogs, blogging, wordpress, advertising, technology, software, SEO and so on.

The benefits you could rip off from the site are given by the power of the image you’ll use to advertise your business. Because this is what bla.st is all about: an opportunity to promote your brand through a visual card, pretty much like a banner yet somehow better because it is a free service. An unexplored territory.

If your business is aimed at an international market, you know my advice: use all possible channels to promote it. This visual Web 2.0 directory is still young, but it already has over 1300 registered cards. With at little as 0.05 US dollars per day your visual bla.st card could be featured on the first page of the directory, as a “sponsored” bla.st card. The higher you bid the higher you climb on the page.

It’s my intention to bring more free and/or low cost advertising channels for your online marketing campaigns in the near future. bla.st is just the first step on the path. As the online community moves so fast towards the Web 2.0 search, you should dive in now. The possibilities are endless.