Blogging On The Road With WordPress I-Phone App

Hardcore bloggers and newsjunkies will warmly welcome the latest ‘must-have blogger’ gadget for mobile blogging. WordPress is launching soon its own application for the i-phone that will allow users to blog on their WordPress blog from wherever they are with their phone.

The app will run for both self hosted blogs and for wordpress hosted blogs running the 2.5.1 version or higher. It has not been reported yet how easily it actually is to type away a 300 word blog entry on your i-phone keyboard, but we suspect it will take slightly longer than behind your computer.

Of course the app will prove useful for live coverage of action anywhere around the globe. Something happens around you – you blog about it immediately.

Another i-phone app serving a similar purpose is Qik. The Qik app allows people to film from their phone and immediately upload their video on the web. Videos care live streamed on the Qik website creating a real life video experience from whatever you want to show the world and from wherever you are. Currently most videos are from people trying this function out at home and in the shop, but surely more creative ways of utilizing this app can be thought of and will appear soon.

The travel toolkit of professional bloggers seems to increase exponentially lately, with many applications being released for the i-phone. These application encourage on the fly coverage of events because for a planned event people still take their laptop or difital camera with them. WordPress also announced it will be looking at ways of inserting pictures and videos into ‘mobile blog posts’.