A Touch of Fame

Looking for some blog exposure? This is where everything happens these days. At bloggingtofame you compete for a money prize, for fame and for hits. At bloggingtofame you will not get clients, but you’ll boost those Alexa rankings if that’s something you care about.

At bloggingtofame you’ll probably make some new friends, meet stunning bloggers, and get lost in a maze of excellent blogs. But…

I’ve been thinking (checking their rating system as a matter of fact) and it’s really not that relevant. You don’t need to actually visit a blog to “fame it!” And if you don’t need to visit it, what’s the point of the vote? Where’s the real win of the blogger who blogs to fame? The money prize in the end? Come on! These bloggers don’t actually believe that they’re going to win anything.

I read a few entries about blogging to fame, authored by the first week’s winners, and aside their incredible marketing abilities, these bloggers don’t dream an impossible dream. Because, as it is now, the bloggingtofame system is doomed to fail. Well, maybe “fail” is not such a good choice, but the point is that the system is… cheatable.

It’s not based on value, but on a “scratch my back and I’ll fame yours” as one of the already famous bloggers (Mig) said. Even the traffic exchange sites are better. At least there you know that someone has actually seen your site for at least three seconds before deciding to take off.

Oh… you don’t know how traffic exchanges work? Then read my next entry.