News From Forplex Business Directory

After winning an award for the best-designed directory Forplex Business Directory announced a few new features that will enhance user experience even more, giving business owners the possibility to make better use of the directory.

Unlike other directories (which allow one deep link), Forplex offers you the possibility to add three or five deep links to your listing.

A blog-like article directory was added to share Forplex and industry news. Here you can comment on the cool listing of the day.

A directory owners index enhances the resources of the site with information about other directories that might be of use for your online business.

Forplex is great for your branding needs too, as it allows you to upload a logo and add it to your listing.

A statistics box shows you in real time how many categories are displayed on the site, how many subcategories, a total of links (which is not the same as a total of websites: remember that each website owner can add three or five deep links to his/her listing) a total of pending links and the number of approved links for the day.

The Forplex Trust Resources provides links to other reliable directories.

Although not very popular, Forplex is a quality directory. I suggest you submit your site. This is not a free directory, but the price is pretty fair. A regular permanent listing costs only $12. All the other listings need yearly payments and, despite the advantage of more deep links, will not do more for SEO than a regular listing.