Sphinn It, Digg It, Stumble It…Buzz It

You might have seen the ‘Buzz’ buttons before on a selected number of sites like the New York Times, Search Engine Land or Giga Om and you probably already know what they are for, but today Yahoo officially launched the Buzz service for the general public.

Similar to the myriad of currently available bookmarking alternatives, Buzz allows publishers to submit interesting stories to the service. Internet surfers can vote for these stories both on the Buzz website and by means of the Buzz buttons on the respective blogs or websites where the story is puiblished.

More than 6 months ago Yahoo made the service available for about 100 publishers, a number that would quickly grow bigger over the coming months. These publishers had the ability to submit stories and top stories of Buzz would be published on the Yahoo homepage, resulting in millions of visitors.

Today every blogger has access to the Buzz buttons to install on a site and everybody can submit content. Attaching images to stories is apparently still limited to some privileged publishers but it is expected to arrive soon for the masses. An image can do wonders though to attract attention so this feature is currently spoiling a bit of the fun for small time publishers.

Buzz will be  competing mainly with the popular social media site Digg. The layout and setup of Buzz also strongly reminds of this particular site. In addition Yahoo announced Buzz would for the moment only target the American public.

5 million users already use the service and we’ll see soon if Yahoo can really build up a solid position as a social media site. For you it just means you have to submit your stories on one more site and install one more button underneath your blog posts, or not?