SMO: Handle with Care

digg never ceases to amaze me. Really… I mean it! After all the negative coverage from the SEO industry (I’ve discussed the reasons in one of my past posts), digg has finally come to more reasonable feelings and decided to unban some domains.

digg is a nice tool if you are to believe the lucky few who were successful without needing to pay digg members to vote for a story. digg is pure paradise for those interested in traffic. With a good story you could even reach thousands of clicks per day. It would be really interesting to see how many of these clicks lead to conversions (how many generate sales).

When I look to some of the sites that make it to the first page I cannot help but wonder: where are the serious business stories? You know, those stories about innovation, life improvement, technology and science? All I see there is entertainment and gaming. This tells a lot about the age group of the diggers. Yet many business owners still hope to see their stories making it to the top and I’d say they do it for the wrong reasons.

digg is a social media tool. A serious business should always use social media sites for legitimate purposes such as broadcasting news about a product or service or other PR goals. SMO is not a strategy that works for all and certainly it is not a tool to abuse.

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