To Be or Not To Be… Listed in DMOZ

A very interesting debate has started three years ago at WebProWorld and it’s still going on today. Imagine 30 pages of pros and cons, questions and answers, protests against the slow acceptance process of the old DMOZ, lob for the new DMOZ and so on.

DMOZ is, undoubtedly, an authority site, but you don’t need to worry too much about being listed there. After all, that’s just a link! Not all the DMOZ pages carry the same authority as the directory itself. You should focus your efforts on getting links from other authority sites than lose sleep over DMOZ listings. I’m not saying you shouldn’t submit to DMOZ. Do it if you think that will benefit your business.

Although Google recommends DMOZ, its results are not based on the DMOZ directory listings! There are many, quite reliable websites, that have no DMOZ listings – maybe because the DMOZ editors let their personal feelings stand in the way of a fair decision – and still have great revenue. Things like this happen, so you shouldn’t let a DMOZ rejection discourage your online marketing efforts. The Web has many other resources you should consider, many other relevant directories that might bring you better traffic and links from more than just one category.

If you do well in the Google’s SERPs, you are safe. Not many people still use directories for their online searches. They simply use search engines because they find relevant results faster than by reading every single description of a site listed in a directory and trying to guess what hides behind a link.


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