It’s Not All About SEO

The Internet is an amazing place: it enhances communication, it offers people new way of dealing with problems, private or of any other nature, it provides accessible resources of information for almost any topic known to man.

People like to share, are willing to help and more than willing to communicate. When it comes to such a delicate problem as drug addiction it is hard to believe that people would look online for resources and help.

But they do, partially because this is a medium that allows anonymous logins, and partially because the information is accessible (one click away?) and free.

According to a new national online directory designated to helping drug addicts and their families will be soon launched. The directory will gather information from more than 220 websites community based (blogs, forums, social sites) and official drug rehab sites.

This is a salutary initiative that will probably know international success. For the start the directory will offer a database of drug rehab services solely for Scotland. doesn’t provide any link to this directory and no name either. But I consider the news worth your attention, especially if you know someone who might need help in solving such a problem. You could bookmark this article and watch the news. will probably announce the launch, when it takes place. News like this reminds us that having a web presence is not only about SEO and online marketing. It’s about people and using the Web to enhance their lives.