Online Shopping And Video Streaming In One

New product releases with obvious benefits for internet marketers like yourself are always fun to write. Qoof in particular catched our attention because of it’s seamless integration of video and a new approach to online shopping, boosting our expectations for  this widget to high altitudes.

Qoof offers a video streaming gadget designed to show product information on eTailor websites. The widget not only streams video but also allows to integrate product information, product reviews, promotion deals, a search funtion for licensed dealers, customer service numbers with integrated skype and voip contact information and so on. Basically  Qoof is the widget of widgets to turn your plain product video into an interactive killer commercial application.

The idea is based on the real world shopping channels on TV, but with all the advantages of the online environment. Unlike shopping tv, Qoof is able to target specific niche markets online because it compares  product videos and their performance on every site. If a certain product is popular, similar product videos will be inserted onto that site to fine tune the relevancy of the ads.

The Qoof widget can be integrated into every eTailors website and is fully customizable. It gives eTailors the opportunity to easily set up their own product channel or pass the product video on to affiliates who can used it on their site to generate better leads. Qoof will generate revenue based on monthly hosting fees and click per video view fees, but for that money publishers receive extensive analytics information about their site’s performance and information on the web site’s customer behavior to optimize monetization.