Genuine Web Awards Help Promote Your Website

Not all web awards are spam and not all lack genuine value. With a Webby award your site is recognized as one of the few that excels in Web design, creativity, usability and functionality. This prestigious award will place your site in the high society of the Web.

Do you think your site is good enough to enter this competition? Then go ahead: apply for a Webby and see if you win. The good thing about having won a Webby award is that the users know what it stands for: excellence and quality.

This is exactly what they are looking for when they browse the Web.

Being the winner of a valuable award like Webby, brings you other important advantages, including links from authority sites, media coverage, having your site featured in many authority blogs and even offline media coverage.

Now you see why it is vital to create excellent websites? This kind of Global publicity will come to you free if you make it to the Webby winners’ list. If you’ll be one of the lucky winners you’ll gain more than just a pretty badge and some online fame: you’ll win the trust of the visitors. It is more a matter of Web psychology than anything else, but it works.

Even the spammy awards I described in my previous entry could have a good psychological impact over your visitors if they have good designs and they come in a relatively decent number.

But are these awards genuine? Do you really want to deceive your visitors by displaying bogus awards?