Good Bye Microsoft bCentral

Microsoft has officially shut down its SubmitIt and bCentral services. Many webmasters were counting on the bCentral directory particularly for the high quality of the inbound links, which were provided for a low annual fee.

A bCentral listing was also a warranty for fast inclusion in MSN search and Yahoo. Now you’ll have to find other ways to get your site listed in these two search engines.

Although the directory submissions are now officially closed, if you have a bCentral account you’ll be able to maintain your existent listings free of charge till the end of 2008 when the old directory will cease to exist. You still have time till May 11, 2007 to update your listings. After this date the old directory will be “read only” and you are not going to be able to make further changes.

Question: what is Microsoft planning to do to “make up for the loss”?

Not long ago I was informing you about Microsoft adCenter – an AdWords type of program, Microsoft’s desperate effort to generate revenue and to copy a system that works: Google’s.

Microsoft is not the only one trying to grab a piece of the cake. Yahoo is making similar efforts and the new Panama PPC engine is just one of the arguments.

All three companies manifest an active interest in purchasing DoubleClick, which is one of the most successful online advertising companies. The first to manifest some interest in this company was Microsoft, but with Google in the battle, the price for DoubleClick will definitely skyrocket.


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