Google and Marratech

Success is important for Google. Acquiring many programs, companies, software and other tools to ensure success is important for Google too. We might not like it, because it makes us feel helpless at times, but we should learn from it: Google is the clear example of how to progress online, how to grow and how to become a recognized brand.

So here we are: the Web burns again. Voices speak about Google buying another little fish, when what happened is quite plain. You’d do that too if you want to enhance your online presence through different channels and tools.

Google bought Marratech’s video conferencing software.

Marratech on the other hand is so proud about this accomplishment that, instead of displaying on its landing page information about the wonder-software, we have to read a short note (an ode to Google) that puzzles us even more.

So Google bought software, not the company. But a look at Marratech’s site really gives you another idea. Useless to tell you that you need to guess where the information about the software is hiding and if you want to buy it you need to select your country, then either go to a live chat or wait for Marratech to contact you after you have emailed them!

The company has a blog and sometimes they even post entries about things related to Marratech. I have no doubts that the software is good. Google bought it and that’s enough for me. But why should it be so difficult to find information about it on the site of the producers?


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