Online Business Marketing

SEO is just one online marketing tool. A very important tool, but not the only one. To be successful you need to employ as many advertising means as necessary to make your business known. Even Google advertises on the radio and print (just a matter of time till it hits television) and uses all possible online channels to build buzz about its products and services.

If you go now to Google news and type into the search query box “Google” you’ll learn what I mean. Are you sure that those press releases aren’t sponsored by Google? Really? Think again.

And then take a look at the results on Google video. Yes, this is how you generate awareness for a product and a brand.

Since Google is the most famous brand of the world, you can expect to see more and more commercials and hear Google’s name more often than before. Because once you get to the top you need to stay there.

What do all these techniques teach us? That the small business owner stands no chance? On the contrary: the small business owner stands as many chances as Google.

Remember: Google started small and now they are a global power. All you need to do to be as successful is to learn from the best and believe in your product. Then start using what the best is already offering, free of charge, for your benefit: the search engine, the video advertising channel (Google video and YouTube), the news channels (get your press releases listed in Google news) and so on.

Google offers so many online marketing channels that it is almost unforgivable to fail as an online entrepreneur.