Where is Froogle?

Froogle has no SEO value, but used wisely might lead to good conversions. When you have an online e-shop it doesn’t hurt to list your products on Froogle. But now, if you look for Froogle above the Google bar, you don’t find it anymore. It’s not there. It vanished.

Clicking on the “more” button, the drop down menu will show you: blogs, books, products, groups, patents, even more… Don’t bother to click on “even more” hoping that Froogle is waiting for you behind that link. It’s not. Worried?

Don’t worry. Froogle is still there. With a name change and a bit of “online cosmetic surgery”, Google is re-branding Froogle. Now you have “Google Product Search.”

So click on “products” in the drop-down menu to land on what once used to be Froogle. You’ll see other changes too: the interface is now similar to that of google.com. It’s simpler to use and it will make your shopping experience a delight if you already use Google Checkout.

It’s not really clear for me why the name change. I think Froogle was wittier. Maybe the change will prove profitable for Google, but then again, what is not profitable for Google?

One more thing I’d like to add. Having your product listed in Google Product Search does not influence your PageRank but it might be useful for branding purposes and sales. This has nothing to do with SEO. You need to create an account to Google and submit your products one by one. You’ll find more information here.

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