, Integrate And Collaborate Online

One gets easily lost these days in a multitude of e-mail accounts, blogs, forums, photos chat etc. You connect with friends on different social networking sites, share videos and eventually forget where it all started. is trying to solve this problem by creating an appealing collaboration tool that integrates different accounts under one single login. More information about can be found over at TechCrunch.

The tool integrates wikis, photos, links, blogs, calendars, chat, forums, maps, profiles, and subgroups and is equipped with 3rd party plug-ins such as Flickr and YouTube. The user chooses a template and adds the different modules he would like to use on his group site. proves to be a completely unbranded service and serves a hundred percent for flexible integration of different accounts. Although not alone in their genre, similar collaboration tools are offered by Ning and Wetpaint, is simple, productive and free.


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