Internet Customers are Happier Customers

That’s at least what we can think when interpreting the new ForeSee survey results about client satisfaction of the Top 100 Internet retailers. Compared to last year the customer satisfaction is up 1.4%

The top 100 Internet Retailers are determined by the Internet Retailer magazine and the index used to measure the satisfaction is the University of Michigan’s American Customer Satisfaction Index. That index for the e-commerce sector is, despite the overall economical decline, still good for a solid 75 (aggregate score).

The explanation for the slight rise in customer satisfaction on the Internet is given by ForeSee CEO, Larry Freed, who says that in worse economic times customers will discriminate more and focus more on a good buying decision. As a result people who buy online are happier with their purchase because it is well thought off and more enjoyable.

On the other hand the rise in satisfaction can not be solely attributed to a better structured buying decision. Many of the top retailers noted higher satisfaction scores and this reflects their effort in improving customer online experience, brand awareness, merchandise availability, site experience and price. Among them: Talbots, with a 6.8% increase; CVS, up 6.9%; Crate and Barrel, up 5.5%; Neiman Marcus, up 8.7%; Toys ‘R’ Us, up 5.6%; SonyStyle, up 5.7%; and Macy’s, up 5.8%.

“The brand communication on the website has the most impact on satisfaction, followed by merchandise, site experience and price” Larry Freed added.

Overall the best performing Internet retailers are, QVC and with respective satisfaction scores of 86, 84 and 83. Comparing the different channels, manufacturers and catalogs score the higher than (pure) Internet stores and retail chains.


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