Online Marketing Channels

Google Image Search and Google Video Search are two of the online marketing channels that could increase targeted traffic to your site and contribute a bit to your SEO efforts too. It may come as a surprise, but not many webmasters are aware of the SEO potential of these two Google tools.

To do well in the Google image search you need to do some SEO for images. You cannot simply submit your graphics to Google Image Search and expect to rank high for all your keywords. Google indexes images based on their ALT attributes, title attributes and file name, as well as based on the text that surrounds them.

Google Video Search is something else. It’s basically free visual advertising.

You can create a short video presenting your company or a new product, submit it to Google or YouTube and that’s it.

For example, take a look at these manufacturers who produce LED tables. Te key phrase LED table returns in Google Video Search these results and in Google Image Search these results.

At a very close look we’ll notice that the ones who lead the search results on Google Video and Google Image Search are the same. SEO strategy or a good online marketing mind? In my professional opinion we deal here with people who really understand the Web and the social media realities. So we deal with both SEO and online marketing brilliance.

Can you imagine how many party designers browse every day the Google image search and video search to find new products?

Yes, you can follow the example of these companies and start introducing your product to the public through images and videos too.