Image Search Re-Invented

We might be a bit late with this news but nonetheless it is more than worth reading about: an innovation in the field of image search called TinEye.

The times that you have surfed the net for hours to look for a particular image seem to be over. Although Google image search helps out perfectly for a quick image search, it is not the optimal tool if you have an image that you want to retrieve on the Internet. The best you could do is describe the image and browse trough search results till you would find the described image. This approach sounds familiar too you? Well, good news then because TinEye comes up with a solution.

Tineye, the newest release of Toronto based ‘Idee’ technology company, uses recognition software to identify images and look for their original source on the Internet. Idee, who also delivered the recognition software for duplications in Digg, seems to be a big hit already and enjoyed widespread attention on tech blogs all over.

An example taken from the TinEye blog illustrates its use. World War historians have been intrigued for years by a certain picture of a female allied officer during WWII, but they have never found out who it was. One of the historians submits this picture in TinEye and what rolls out? TinEye located the same image in Mattie E. Treadwell’s book The Women’s Army Corps, published in 1954 and provides the historians with a name for their fascinating picture: Lt. Col. Anna Walker Wilson. Easy as hell and one more happy searcher.

Now TinEye are scanning a billion more images to improve their service, so once the database has grown big enough this could be the new search tool of the year. Something to keep an eye on!


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