Quintura Comes With a Users Manual

… and this is something you shouldn’t do with your website. When you create a site for kids you should keep in mind your target audience: the children.

Carefully select the results you are going to display, to prevent any unwanted sites (like porn sites for example). It would better to have integrated software to help children browse safely. Quintura wants you to “learn how to use quintura” the moment you land on their page. The site loads slow because of its widgets and its heavy graphics that will make it impossible for users with modems to enjoy the browsing.

If you want to learn something about Quintura Kids you’ll have to dig a bit.

The about link (situated in the footer of the page) leads you to the Quintura corporate page, where instead of learning about what you really want to know (Quintura Kids features, whether it is safe to browse by minors, etc) you see irrelevant testimonials about the main site.

Despite its drawbacks, this search engine has received some good reviews, mainly based on the fact that you can save and share your search. The search results are very relevant and as far as I could see, children safe.

This is a Web 2.0 search engine, based on tags and search clouds and you might want to give it a try, for the fun. You’ll get a complete overview of how this system works here. On the main Quintura site you’ll find out that soon, a search engine for women will be released.