4 Tips To Improve Your Landing Page

Getting traffic to your site surely is one thing, but to make the visitor stick to what he first observes on your site is definitely another. To reduce your bounce rate and improve the number of pages a new visitor will view on your site, we serve you some useful tips today to get the most out of your landing page.

1. Make sure your are serving relevant content to the searcher. If a certain keyword or search query brought a visitor to your site, it’s a pretty smart move to repeat this keyword a couple of times, in the caption, in the title or in some blog posts that figure in a side menu. The more relevant information the visitor gets at first sight of your site the quicker he will decide whether to continue browsing your website or not.

2. Make the visitor at ease on your site, certainly if you are trying to sell a product. In the online environment your brand  or product might be completely unknown and it is important to stress your trustworthiness. Clearly indicate your privacy policy, include testimonials from customers and be transparant in your communication. A biography with the history of your company is also a great tool to cultivate trust, often people prefer buying from a real person on the other site than from an anonymous website.

3. Test the lay-out of your site till you reach a click through optimum. When a visitor lands on your page he has many options to go further through. Try out different labels for your buttons and measure in Google analytics which buttons are most commomly clicked after landing on the page. ‘Virtual Tour’, ‘Free Demo’ or’ Online Demo’ can generate very different results, so try out all your options.

4. Ask a compelling question or communicate clearly the benefits for the visitor. In any case the visitor must have the experience ‘there’s something in for them’. A site without a benefit for surfers is doomed to fail. A question typically points the surfer to one of his needs or concerns, like ‘You also experience¬† problems setting up your company? or ‘Lost too much money on the stock market?. When the visitor started his search with the same question in mind, great are the chances he will click to read the answer. Providing free downloads or a free service will also catch attention.

Now back to your landing page!