Learning Internet Marketing from Google

On the 13th of September Google featured another one of its funny, already famous logos. And because I was curious about it, I followed the Google Universal search results to find what people show on the web related to this author. The results were not surprising, but I expected more than 2,300,000 results.

Yet it is funny how Google considers its own books.google.com more important that the official Ronald Dahl website. That’s certainly because Google is connected with websites that use the Google Checkout payment system to sell books authored by Dahl. A click on any of the links at Dahl on books.google.co.uk will show what I mean.

The lesson is quite simple: as a matter of fact books.google.co.uk provides more useful information about the author and his books than the official website. No wonder it ranks well. You can find there reviews, stores where to buy the books and much more: practically all free and paid information people interested in Ronald Dahl will ever need.

This reminds me on the main thing the search engines want from any of us to take our websites seriously: user-centric information.

So, to make a long story short: it is time to learn from Google and start collecting all possible information related to a topic in one place, structure it in a logical, coherent formation and wait to see the results.

For example, if a website doesn’t sell despite the quality of the content, the only thing I can think about that might lead to low sales figures is the structure. And if you need help with that, SEO Ltd is there for you.



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