Human-Powered Search Engine: Mahalo

Mahalo, the first human-powered search engine, was launched yesterday and it’s already broadly covered in the online media. The search engine, still in alpha, encompasses now circa 5000 results, but it is expected to grow faster and faster, as it has behind the search engines marketing mind of Jason Calacanis.

Behind Mahalo there is a group of search professionals who will spend their time searching and filtering the search results to deliver the most relevant answers for the users.

To have your site listed at Mahalo you have to submit your site for review. Pay attention at the publisher’s guide and don’t waste your time spamming Mahalo.

Mahalo’s FAQ will give you relevant answers on what kind of sites you’ll find when performing an online search through this human-powered search engine. Of course, as it always happens with user generated content and human edited directories, you can expect the operators to be subjective and reject your site for any reason.

Ideally your site should respect Mahalo’s guidelines and TOS as much as possible.

Mahalo was created for the users. The purpose of the new search engine is to be a model for good behaviour on the Web. A salutary initiative. Let’s just hope that the noble purposes will not change in the next years and bend under the pressure of the mighty dollar.

If you consider your site a valuable resource in your niche, and if your site is older than one year, do submit it at Mahalo for review. It’s free and I have the feeling that it will become quite successful too.