Internet Marketing For Your Backyard

The Internet is huge, worldwide and reaches millions of users but what if you want to target your own neighborhood, the people around the corner? Several tools can help you  do that and for virtually no money they are all yours. Read on to discover how to make a local difference by global means.

1) Create a blog for your local business. Blogs are wonderful to get your message across and make people come back to your site. The large majority of blogging software is also free so no worries about the cost of it all.  Have a look at WordPress or Blogger.

2) Sign up for Google Local. Using Google’s Local Business Center you can create your own free listing that will be shown on your neighborhoods’ street plan in Google maps. As the service is often not too crowded you might enjoy number 1 rankings, particularly if you operate in a niche market. A highly used tool in Google Local are the reviews. Convince family and friends to write favorable reviews for your business to increase your ‘offline’ traffic.

3) Sign up for Yahoo local. Similar like in tip 2 you can also sign up for Yahoo local and yet score high rankings if you are the only one in your neigborhood. People that have actually passed by your store can leave comments so try to influance them favourably as well.

4) Make us of Yelp and other reviewing services to generate reviews of customers. On Yelp people share the  experiences they’ve had in hotels, restaurants, shops etc. in different cities. A good general ranking in such systems can mean a lot more business for you, so create your profile with nice pictures of your enterprise.

5) Register on Judy’s book (US only) if you wish to make your next sale public. Judy’s book is the kind of website where business can submit their sales, coupons and promotions. Users can then easily locate  bargains in their neigborhood. This is a great way to attract people to your brick and mortar company by using the Internet. Alternatives to Judy’s book are Craiglist, Insiderpages and Citysearch.