Emerging Social Media Sites: Mixx

Mixx is a new social sharing site, recently launched in public beta, a startup that aims to rival digg.

The main difference between digg and mixx lays in the way users can personalize their user page with categories they want to receive news alerts from, create groups, network and even receive local news (based on the postal code they provide upon signup). Digg is pretty static – there is no option to customize your page or to choose what news alerts to receive. From an internet marketer point of view mixx is ideal for geo targeting. If you need to promote a product to a certain geographical area submitting your news to mixx might bring important revenue.

Although new the site already managed to attract a large number of users and it currently ranks in the top 10000 most popular websites in the world. Apparently mixx doesn’t drive large amounts of traffic, but many webtrepreneours report that mixx traffic has lower bounce rates than digg, which means that the users are actually interested in the stories they vote for. The time to use mixx as a marketing channel is now, before the site gets flooded with spam links to irrelevant sites and the users get frustrated by the low quality of the submissions.

Using social media sites for marketing purposes is the most promising field, even from an SEO perspective. Many of these social sites are indexed by the search engines faster and having a popular story there (count by the number of votes) means ranking higher in the SERPs too. SEO’s advice: focus on creating quality stories that attract readers and motivate positive reactions.


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