Unwrapping The New Facebook

After a long announced re-design of the social network ‘Facebook’, the first impressions of users who have used the new site are coming in. Supposedly the new design would appear when you log in through www.new.facebook.com, but this link is not working for everybody and often redirects to the old facebook page. We give a short overview of the changes if you have not had the chance to check yourself already.

Overall, the new Facebook lay-out shows a clearer  and wider screen overview. The sidebar on the left has been removed and replaced by one larger sidebar on the right. The applications have been conveniently removed to a scroll down menu in the header navigation bar. The header navigation bar also leads you to your inbox and friends menus, which have not considerably changed.

To make publishing easier, the top of the news feed now includes direct links to sharing links, uploading pictures or videos and checking your Notes. In the (wide) sidebar on the right, you’ll find your most used applications such as groups, events, photos and others you’ve added yourself.

Facebook seems to have invested some time in making a neat and practical design. The social ads who previously appeared on the left have disappeared. Instead Facebook will include advertisements in news feeds and 2 social ads will eventually appear in the right hand sidebar on profile pages, as well as one selective ad on the homepage. Whereas before only 120×600 banners could be used in the sidebars, Facebook can now include the popular 300×250 formats as well.

The new design should boost Facebook’s revenues as the advertising team clearly had a big deal in the restructuring. Sure a move to boost Facebook disappointing CTR’s. We also notice a slight re-positioning of Facebook towards a more on feed and news related tool. In preparation of a fierce competition with other several social networks like twitter or friendfeed?

Over the following days the new design will spread, so leave your comments and tell us how the new facebook design fits you!